We provides Land Digital Survey Digital Survey on the Mouza Map Comparing Mouza Map Layout & Alignment of Building Road, Bridge, Culvert, Embankment, Canals Volume Calculation of Earth Cutting Soil Test Pilling Architectural Design Property Valuation Flat/Floor Measurement Apartment Measurement Deviation Calculation As Built Plan, Plotting Pantograph GPS Survey Hydrographic Survey Comparing Google Map, C.S., R.S. BRS Mouza Map & Identify land which is in possession on the map

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Land Digital Survey /Topographical Survey (ভূমি ডিজিটাল সার্ভে)

Land Digital Survey/Topographical Survey      Introduction Topographic...


GPS Survey (জিপিএস সার্ভে)

GPS Survey  BASIC SERVICES: Land Survey Road Survey Railway Survey Airport...


SOIL TEST (সয়েল টেস্ট) & PILING (পাইল)

SOIL TEST & PILING  Soil tests for the construction of buildings or any...


Railway Project Survey, Route Survey & Road Survey

Route Survey & Road Survey   The term route survey refers to surveys...


Mouza Map Pentagraph/Mouza Map Digitization (মৌজা ম্যাপ পেন্টাগ্রাফ/মৌজা ম্যাপ ডিজিটাইজেশন)

Mouza Map Pentagraph/Mouza Map Digitization (মৌজা ম্যাপ পেন্টাগ্রাফ/মৌজা...


Contour Survey (কন্ট্যুর সার্ভে)

 Contour Survey Contour line  The line of intersection of a level surface...


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