Architectural Design (আর্কিটেকচারাল ডিজাইন) & As Built Plan (অ্যাজ বিল্ট প্ল্যান)

Architectural Design (আর্কিটেকচারাল ডিজাইন) & As Built Plan (অ্যাজ বিল্ট প্ল্যান)

Architectural Design & As Built Plan

Site Analysis

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, before we begin designing we take a thorough study of the site and all variables that could impact the design. We determine the sun path, wind patterns and views to find the best siting for the home and consider any existing conditions or requirements specific to your lot. For example, this could be designing around a mature tree, setback requirements, height, size and OCRM restrictions, neighborhood scale and historic context. After decades in architecture and interior design, we’ve encountered a variety of challenges, providing our team the aptitude to solve problems quickly and confidently.

Conceptual Design Phase

From our meetings together, we gain an understanding of your specific needs, taste and budget which guide the design direction. The sketching process begins with a site plan and/or floor plans. Next, we begin to develop exterior elevations that allow us to create the style and character of your home. These drawings can be used to secure conceptual architectural review board approvals.

Design Development

During the Design Development phase, conceptual design decisions are worked out in further detail. A clear and coordinated description of all aspects of the design including Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire protection systems is worked out providing a basis for the preparation of construction documents. A completed DD set will provide the exact size of the home and is used to submit for Architectural Review Board approvals if required. We take time to understand the restrictions and requirements of your local Architectural Design Review Board, should you have one, and have experience working with various design review boards all over the Bangladesh.

3d Modeling and Rendering

Three-dimensional models and renderings are helpful in visualizing what the home will look like and can also be helpful in understanding view potential. These services can include: massing and presentation models, colored renderings, photo-realistic computer renderings and animation.

Construction Documents

As specialists in the design and construction of high performance homes, our clients expect the highest level of functionality from the spaces we create. We have kitchen planning expertise, we integrate the needs of low voltage lighting and entertainment systems, we plan for the space and location requirements needed for mechanical systems that will deliver superior air quality. Detailed drawings and specifications are prepared based off the above and are necessary for pricing and permits.

We design and build homes to survive in some of the most challenging environments like high humidity and coastal oceanfront exposures. This requires a full understanding of FEMA coastal regulations and a close working relationship with our structural engineers and building enclosure experts. We understand the challenges of controlling humidity, both by designing a superior building envelope and by specifying testing during construction, assuring that the home is performing up to our expectations.

Bidding & Negotiations

There are a number of ways of selecting your Contractor and negotiating the construction cost for your Project, and we are able to assist you with your preferred method. The three most common methods are:

Select Contractor at project start, then negotiate cost.
Select Contractor during abbreviated pricing process during Design Development.
Select Contractor after competitive bid process with fully developed drawings and specifications (Construction Documents).

Construction Administration

During the Construction Administration phase, Real Survey Inspection administers the contract between you and your Contractor, which is based on our drawings and specifications. During the construction of the home, we act as your representative by observing the progress of construction for conformance with our drawings and specifications, by providing clarifications to our drawings, or with your approval, making modifications to the design, which may impact the Contractor’s work.

আমাদের সেবা সমূহ:


·         ভূমি/জমির ডিজিটাল সার্ভে

·         wWwRUvj mv‡f©i mvnv‡h¨ ‡gŠRv g¨v‡c Rwgi I fe‡bi Ae¯’vb wbY©q Kiv

·         ডিজিটাল সার্ভে

·         অ্যাজ বিল্ট প্ল্যান

·         কন্ট্যুর সার্ভে

·         ল্যান্ডস্কেপ ডিজাইন

·         প্রপার্টি ভ্যালুয়েশন / সম্পত্তি মূল্যায়ন প্রতিবেদন 

·         লে-আউট

·         প্লাটিং

·         ডিজিটাল সার্ভে দ্বারা জমি সঠিক ভাবে বন্টন বা ভাগ

·         সয়েল টেস্ট ও পাইল

·         ডিজিটাল সার্ভে

·         মাটি কাটা বা ভরাটের পরিমাণ বের করা

·         অটোক্যাডের মাধ্যমে মেীজা ম্যাপ ডিজিটাল এ রূপান্তর

·         মৌজা ম্যাপ পেন্টাগ্রাফ (মৌজা ম্যাপের উপর মৌজা ম্যাপ প্রতিস্থাপন) করা

·         মানচিত্র/ মৌজা ম্যাপ ডিজিটাল ডিজিটাইজেশন করা

·         বাংলাদেশের যেকোনো প্রান্তের মৌজা ম্যাপ এর জন্য যোগাযোগ করুণ

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